Sealable barrier films

Flexible film suitable for lamination to bi-oriented films or sheets.

Our Bariflex® film creates a very effective barrier against oxygen, moisture, and aromas, that can be adapted according to specific needs.

Bariflex® - Sealable barrier film can guarantee longer shelf-life of products,  thanks to the modified atmosphere created by high gas barrier film, reducing food waste, with following properties:

- Low SIT (sealing initial temperature )
- High hot tack
- Excellent sealing properties even if in presence of pollutants
- High mechanical resistance
- Excellent transparency

Suitable for food packaging of cheese, vegetables, cold cuts, delicatessen, rice, cereals, canned food, coffee, meat and fish, ready meals, dried legumes, and pet food.

Applications: tray, top lidding films, bag-in-box, bags.