Packaging: the green revolution (October 2022)

With its 50 years of know-how, Itp confirms itself as a leader in the production of flexible plastic packaging with low environmental impact

The green enterprise (September 2022)

“We have become a Benefit Company, which means being responsible, sustainable and transparent” says Paola Centonze, ITP Communication and Organizational Development Director

40 MILLION EUROS FOR SUSTAINABILITY - The green revolution calls for continuous innovation (August 2022)

ITP's strategy for creating the packaging of the future: investments in innovative technologies and a focus on workers' well-being. With the Sustainability Report, the company measures its own year after year improvements in both environmental and social fields.

Success stories - The green challenge of packaging (May 2022)

ITP turns 50, a long history of innovation and sustainability

Our keywords (March 2022)

Our keywords: certifiability, recyclability, circularity. Find out more by reading the article.

ITP, a plan full of projects for the UN 2030 Agenda (Packaging Report 2021)

Read the article and find out about ITP products, the certifications obtained and future goals - Italian only

A passionate and visionary company (November 2021)

Increasingly attentive to the sustainability of packaging and the entire supply chain. In this article you will find the shared values of the company and the new brand Pack Revolution - Italian only

On our hills you can find more than wine (October 2021)

Advertising page - Italian only

The transition towards a circular business, strategic and organizational changes in ITP (October 2021)

Some obstacles prevent plastic packaging companies from managing the circular transition. Which are these obstacles and how to remove them? Often it is a mix of internal and external barriers: organizational culture, among the firsts, and customers among the seconds, because of their unwillingness to pay a price increase for innovative and sustainable products.

Sustainability guaranteed and certified (July 2021)

ITP is constantly committed to reducing the quantity of plastic film in packaging both in absolute terms and by replacing plastic of fossil origin with that from renewable sources.

ITP presents new 100% recyclable film for food packaging (May 2021)

ITP’s new thermoforming film replaces traditional multi-material films. Traditional packaging is represented by a multi-material coextruded plastic film: PE/PA/EVOH/PA/PP, which makes it not recyclable. From now on, ITP can produce a polyethylene-only product that replaces the multi-material in use, which guarantees the same protection of the food, adding the possibility of recycling the packaging at the end of its life.

Lamination PE film to PE (April 2021)

Advertising page - Italian only

The great added value (April 2021)

Synergy and performance through the Lean Plastic® approach in the printing area. The aims of the project have been the reduction of set-up times, the identification of standardized work procedures, and finally the introduction of a zero-waste culture.

Focusing on sustainable packaging research projects: what is the secret? (March 2021)

ITP can count on competent and professional people, such as the R&D technicians, and those involved in marketing, sales, and ownership.

New sustainable solutions for flexible packaging 2020/2021

ITP offers a wide range of sustainable films, leading the green renaissance of packaging. 50 years of expertise in the packaging industry, the great Italian creative vision, and the ability to innovate make the ITP brand a revolutionary success.

ITP and the compostable packs from renewable sources (October 2020)

Discover our research and development projects for sustainable packs - Italian only

Flexible thermal-laminated - PE film - 100% recyclable (October 2020)

ITP has developed two films for the packaging of fresh foodstuffs, one is “self-adhesive” and the other is rigid, two polyethylenes for 100% recycling. The structure is suitable for making stand-up pouches, bags, top trays. It is produced both in a non-barrier and in a high barrier version, with an EVOH content of less than 5%, for optimal recycling.

Shrinking films today (Aug/Sep 2020)

Polyethylene shrink films prove to be light, highly protective from impacts and dust, completely recyclable, convenient, and efficient method for the packaging of multiple units of product. The primary function of shrink films for bundles of bottled or canned beverages is to hold the contents therein firmly and compactly. The new RecyTermoPCR is a 100% recyclable heat-shrinking film containing up to 80% post-consumer recycled (PCR). Suitable for all secondary applications, including beverage, personal care, and home hygiene, has just got the prestigious “Second life plastic” brand PSV, which the Institute for the Promotion of Recycled Plastics reserves for materials obtained from the valorization of plastic waste.

Our keywords (June 2020)

Our keywords: (Pack)Revolution, Customization, Environment, Certifications. Find out more by reading the article - Italian only

New design criteria (May 2020)

ITP compostable packaging helps in safeguarding the environment ensuring that all the performances of plastic packaging, first of all food protection, remain unchanged. ITP’s compostable films are part of a group product called Combioflex, almost all of them already certified “Ok Compost” by TUV Austria which certifies their compliance with the EN13432 Standard.

Innovation By - Side by side with businesses (Dossier Packaging - April 2020)

ITP replies: - What kind of innovation do you propose to the market? - What does innovation represent for ITP? - What are the latest company and product news? - What are the secrets of ITP? - Italian only

ITP, innovation and sustainability (April 2020)

ITP flexible films for the packaging of wine. Both with the bag-in-box and the Stand-up Pouches, ITP offers the perfect mono-material solution in terms of cost and sustainability for the packaging of wine.

Innovative and recyclable packaging (March 2020)

ITP proposes its ClearSkinPack™, an innovative film with low environmental impact. It's the perfect choice for the protection of fresh and processed foods.

Innovative packaging for the circular economy (February 2020)

ITP presents its new RecyTermoPCR. It's a 100% recyclable heat-shrinking film that contains up to 80% post-consumer recycled materials.