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"I founded in 1972 in Bosnasco, Oltrepo Pavese," recalls its owner. "The choice of the area was random: whilst a group of three friends - all from BASF (the major German chemical industry), with a clear knowledge of the flexible packaging sector - were heading towards the hills for breakfast in a restaurant, we noted a "For Sale" sign on the gate of an old furnace that had fallen into disuse; on asking for more detailed information, the then mayor of the town said the area was considered underdeveloped, and that therefore, new industries were entitled to a reduced tax for a period of ten years. "

Demolition of the old furnace, the construction of a shed of over one thousand square metres and refitting the old tenement next door allowed the three entrepreneurs (two of them would have chosen, other roads as a result) to start their work in the autumn of the following year. In the meantime, in fact, two extrusion lines were ordered and delivered.

"We started in 1973 with 8 employees: today" - said Mr Nicola Centonze - "ITP has a workforce of 180 people. The production structure is spread over an area of 58,000 square metres, of which 22,000 are covered.

"At the beginning of our activities" - explained the owner - "we were manufacturers of retractable monolayer films for the ceramics and brick sectors - collation shrink and no-kollant films. In the 80’s the company has developed ClearSkinpack® adhesive films on cardboard, films for lamination and masking films. It’s in the 90’s that a co-extruded film technology for up to seven layers, suitable for packaging and protecting fresh food came into appearance. It was time for barrier films with EVOH”.

At the turn of the XXI century important partnerships with national and foreign Universities and the National Research Council have been set up for the development of new high tech films.



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