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The foodstuffs industry is increasing committed to caring for the freshness and the lengthening of food shelf life.
Since the ‘90s ITP provides with a full range of gas barrier films, designed to solve the diverse needs of food businesses.

The films ITP produce are coextruded polyethylene or polypropylene with up to seven layers.

Films for lamination

These films are suitable for lamination to bi-oriented films or sheets. Their properties meet specific uses and needs:

Sealable - Sealflex®: even in difficult situations such as in the presence of contaminants 

Peelable - Peelflex®: an easy-open version on different supports, including PE, PVC, APET, PS and PP. It has been designed so as not to interfere with the perfect integrity of the package 

Resealable - Re-Sealflex®: can eliminate the need for additional packaging. Ensures up to ten opening and closing cycles 

Barrier - Bariflex®: protects against oxygen and gasses - an effective barrier that can be adapted according to need, available in anti-UV versions (properties required for those products sensitive to UV radiation) and anti-fog (to avoid condensation for refrigerated product packaging). 

We offer also oxygen-permeable films with varying degrees of permeability according to the type of the food to be packaged. Perfect for foods that require gas permeability to lengthen their shelf life (e.g. fresh fruit and vegetables)

Frozen food and Bio-Based - Films for packaging of frozen foods with characteristics of rigidity and resistance to perforation and tearing. The same skills are maintained even in the mono-film version. In this film the primary packaging does not require lamination.

We offer both white and transparent versions. These same films have been made available in compostable versions: Combioflex® - compliant with European EN13432 requirements for certifying degradation by microorganisms.


ClearSkinPack® for food - Vacuum skin films

It is a skinpack film to pack, with no need of MAP, every kind of fresh foodsfuff on a tray. This high barrier coextruded film, with easy opening system, is very light (good for transport) and “invisible”. These films are well appreciated by the customers. Very high puncture resistance. We can also produce it in a microwavable and printable version, even onto cardboard.

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Films for thermoforming

Co-extruded multi-layer flexible films for thermoforming are ideal for packaging of both the tops and bottoms of meats, cold cuts, cheeses and other foods. The presence of PA with EVOH makes these high-performance thermoforming films puncture resistant and mechanically strong. They are also suitable for pasteurisation and lend themselves to high-speed processing.




ITP is committed to the realization and research of sustainable products, you can find more information about our sustainable products by clicking here.

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