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The whole range of “sustainable” films is printable with traditional and digital technologies.

ClearSkinPack™ - Vacuum skin films

Skinpack film to pack, with no need of MAP, every kind of fresh foodsfuff on a tray. This high barrier coextruded film, up to 7 layers, is a very light second skin to the product. Easy opening system. Suitable for microwave oven. It seals on trays with PE liner, on monomaterial trays, or on cardbard.

ClearLidPack™ - Lid films

Monofilm for top tray on Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP). For the packaging of raw and processed meat or fish. No further lamination process to bi-oriented supports is required. Maximum thickness 25 µm. Antifog properties and high barrier to oxygen. A lighter packaging for higher sustainability.

SmartLamPack – Recycling Films for Lamination

Very thin polyolefinic films with particular stiffness and dimensional stability, as well as heat resistance. High gloss and transparency. Available in high barrier, MATT or metallized version.
They replace bi-oriented films for lamination to PE: the result is a single-material packaging, all PE. Totally recyclable.
For doypack, pouches and stand-up bags.

Films for thermal lamination – HP’s Pack Ready Project

New co-extruded films for thermal lamination. With high performance in terms of adhesion to bi-oriented films printed by HP Indigo digital press. As well as to PE for a totally recyclable structure.
No need for adhesives, no cure time and minimal waste. Converters can enjoy a “ready to use”, food packaging safe solution, in replace to traditional laminated films.

Combioflex - Compostable films

Bioplastic films that contain raw materials from renewable sources. Totally recyclable according to European EN13432, corresponding to ASTM D6400, requirements for certifying degradation by microorganisms. Resistant to high temperatures. For deep frozen food, fresh food, fruit and vegetables, snacks. It can be extruded white or transparent, and used as a monofilm or laminated to other compostable materials. A new barrier version is now available.


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