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ITP's YouTube channel is now operational. Check out the first videos

 Thanks to ITP’s Media Dept. our YouTube channel has been opened and it is now operational.

Our intent is to show the true performances of the films we manufacture, once delivered to, and worked by, our customers.

All the people in ITP, from the staff of chemical engineers at the laboratory, to the skilled guys in the extrusion department, to those working for the important quality control, are involved every single day, in improving technology, material and expertise.

This is why we are proud to le tour customers, and all our shareholders, know the results of our efforts.

Check out YouTube_ITP and subscribe: you’ll get up-to-date infos on ITP products and technology.

Click here for the first published video: a PE peelable and barrier film which recloses easily up 10 times to its tray, after its first opening. This means no need of other packaging material to reclose the package after opening and a longer shelf life of the foodstuff content. 

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