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ITP - Industria Termoplastica Pavese (Thermoplastics Factory) - is a part of that category of family businesses that form the backbone of Italian industry. Established in 1972, it operates in the plastics sector, producing polyolefin films for food and industrial packaging, and for surface protection.


Product innovation is our key competitive feature. Since the company’s foundation in 1972, our commitment is to create innovative packaging that responds promptly to change and evolution: from market trends to new social and ethical awareness, to environmental protection and reducing pollution. Every product is thus an effective, sustainable solution to the varying needs of a changing world. To achieve this, ITP has developed solid partnerships with universities, laboratories, and scientific institutions in Italy and throughout the world.

Over recent years, our commitment has produced seven patents. In 1994, ITP was one of the first companies in its sector to obtain ISO 9001 quality system certification. In 2003, we achieved ISO 14001 standards for the environment and OHSAS 18001 for health and safety. Recently, in compliance with good manufacturing practices, we introduced British Standard BRC / IOP certification for films in contact with foods. Finally in June 2016, the company adopted the 231 Organisational Model on the liability of its directors.


At ITP, our strategic goal is creating increasingly efficient packaging products that contribute substantially to the reduction of the food waste and environmental pollution.

The processing technology we have adopted is blown extrusion, a process that employs granules of polyolefin material compounds to produce films composed from 3 to 7 layers, depending on the characteristics required for their use.


This is the keystone of our business model. Our R&D department is housed in an 800 m2 laboratory, where a team of technical experts – all qualified chemicals and engineers – are involved in using sophisticated measuring and inspection equipment to monitor the quality of the raw materials and the compliance of the finished products with the agreed standards, as well as the performance achieved by new prototypes. 

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Head Quarters: Via Cavallante 13 - 27040 Bosnasco (PV) Italy

Branch USA: 30 Chapin Rd - Suite 1205, pine Brook, NJ 07058

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