ITP, 50 years of packaging innovation

date 3 July 2023

A new factory, a new plant for the production of a special film for food packaging, 10 employees already in training and other hirings are expected in the next months. ITP, a company based in Bosnasco, grows and invests in the development of its activities, with important effects also for the territory. The ribbon-cutting of the new plant took place on 28 June and it was the occasion to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its foundation.

Since 1972 – The journey of ITP

Founded in 1972, Industria Termoplastica Pavese mainly produces flexible plastic films for packaging and is a family business: founded by Nicola Centonze, now president, it is led by his sons Massimo and Paola Centonze. With over 500 customers on 6 continents, it employs 250 people and has an annual turnover of around 120 million euros.

The new ITP plant inaugurated on 28 June 2023

ITP: a New Cutting-edge Plant

Always committed to research and the use of cutting-edge technologies that make it possible to combine material efficiency and environmental sustainability, the company has acquired a latest generation plant – the only one in Italy – to produce a new, thinner plastic film and more easily recyclable, ideal for packaging food products, especially in large-scale distribution: vacuum packs, tubs, trays, shrink bags, etc. The new product is particularly suitable for packaging rice.

There are many advantages to this type of solution. First of all, it is a co-extruded monofilm, therefore a more easily recyclable material than the common plastic films used in large-scale distribution. Furthermore, it is thinner (thickness -25%): while maintaining the characteristics of flexibility and resistance, it uses a smaller quantity of raw materials, and therefore makes the packages lighter, allowing to optimize transport costs and warehouse space, with consequent reduction also in fuel consumption and emissions. In addition, its production does not require glues and therefore ensures maximum food safety.

The pursuit of sustainability has been an essential value of the ITP brand since its foundation.

“Plastic is indispensable, especially in food storage. Since the beginning of our history we have adopted the most advanced methodologies to reduce its impact on the environment, planning its recycling right from its production and using as little as possible. We were among the first to obtain international certifications and to dedicate an entire department to waste regeneration. Today we are at the forefront of our sector and we continue to scout for the use of technologies that make its production ever more sustainable”.

Nicola Centonze, founder and President of ITP spa

A pioneering vision that positions ITP among the major players on the market, as confirmed by the CEO Massimo Centonze: “The goal is to aim for leadership in Europe for sustainable flexible packaging. We have invested to bring the most advanced technologies to Italy to produce a plastic film that is indispensable for the food industry with the least possible impact according to the evaluations of the Life Cycle Assessment. An investment that opens up new prospects for the area and that intends to contribute to an all-Italian primacy: in fact, in Europe we are the most virtuous country in the collection and recycling of plastics”.

“We have dedicated the Pack Revolution brand to this vision – adds Paola Centonze, Chief Communication & Sustainability Officer of ITP – which intends to enhance the line of research and development that combines product performance and sustainability. A commitment that involves our entire community, thanks to the continuous training programs that we carry out with our ITP Academy and which allow us to train and update new qualified professionals every year, ready to take up the challenges of a changing world”.

The celebration took place on 28 June and saw the participation of personalities of the caliber of Elena Lucchini, Councilor for Family, Social Solidarity, Disability and Equal Opportunities of Regione Lombardia; Guido Guidesi, Councilor for Economic Development of Regione Lombardia and the President of Provincia of Pavia Giovanni Palli, who kicked off the day by bringing their respective institutional greetings.

Afterwards Stefano Denicolai, Full Professor in Innovation Management at the University of Pavia, projected the audience towards the future with an engaging speech illustrating the concept of transformative technology applied to flexible packaging.

ITP’s Concrete Steps for a Sustainable Future

Massimo Centonze, CEO of ITP Spa, illustrated the evolution of the sector and of the technologies adopted by ITP and its constant search for product value and quality, on which the company aims to enter new markets and strengthen its leadership.
The sustainability of ITP, understood in the social, economic and environmental fields, was told by Paola Centonze, Chief Sustainability Officer of ITP Spa, who, through anecdotes about the founder, recounted the values that have always inspired the company and projected it towards the future.

The same theme, but from the point of view of the consumer, was tackled by Armando Garosci – Director of Largo Consumo, Coordinator of Large consumption supply chain and member of the General Council of Assolombarda – who, in addition to coordinating the event, illustrated to the audience market trends and the perception of end customers in terms of sustainability.

At the end of the speeches, a round table encouraged discussions on business culture in the Pavia area between Dario Scotti, President and CEO of Riso Scotti Spa, Nicola de Cardenas, President of the Pavia office of Assolombarda and Massimo Centonze. Interesting and particularly important ideas have emerged in this year in which Pavia has been designated Capital of Corporate Culture.

Following the greetings of Alvise Biffi, Vice President of Assolombarda, the cutting of the ribbon of the new plant involved the Property together with the authorities attending the event, who together with the guests were then able to enjoy a convivial lunch and take part in guided tours of the company.