Innovative packaging solutions

We are green and fruitful like our hills

Since our origins, in 1972, we have been rooted in our territory, the Oltrepò Pavese. Green and fertile landscapes that inspire us industriousness and respect for the environment.

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We are transparent and flexible like our films

In an era in which it is fashionable to be “green”, with our products and our conduct we aim as always on transparency and on the ability to satisfy our interlocutors.

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Certified sustainability

Our respect for customers and the environment is always attested by independent bodies

100% recyclable mono-material films

Film with post-consumer recycled material

100% biodegradable compostable films

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We implement innovative technologies

The new plant houses the only triple bubble extrusion line in Italy, for the production of reduced thickness co-extruded film (-25%)

  • Lower environmental impact of the packaging
  • Greater efficiency of the packaging line
  • Less bulky warehouse and reduction of Conai contribution
  • Longer shelf life of food
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Research and development

Since the 1980s, ITP has had a modern and well-equipped laboratory for the development of innovative films and prototyping. The R&D team has completed 14 patent filings and product certifications for Compostability (TÜV), Recyclability (Cyclos-HTP) and Sustainability (ISCC and PSV).

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Research and development

Tradition and innovation

In 1972 three young friends, united by a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a solid knowledge of plastic materials, founded the Industria Termoplastica Pavese, which since 2004 one of them, Nicola Centonze, has been carrying on together with his sons. Together they have realized the passion for technology and the environment, reconciling it with a deep attention towards their collaborators.

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Tradition and innovation

Our certifications

We invest in third-party audits of our products and our management system, to ensure maximum transparency regarding safety and sustainability issues.


In our R&D laboratory we lead the green renaissance of packaging

Manager R&S

ITP is a solid and stable company that gives certainties to its employees

Operatore Reparto Stampa

ITP is a company that never stops innovating and renewing itself

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I will be very happy to welcome you at the ITP reception