ITP brings food packaging innovations to Food Match 2024

date 14 March 2024

Last March 7, ITP participated as a Silver Partner in Food Match 2024, where it was able to present the latest innovative solutions created for food packaging.

The event organized by Gruppo Food this year was marked by two crucial themes: the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into business processes and the development of innovative marketing strategies to engage consumers in new ways.

An important showcase for ITP’s new products

This event represented a valuable opportunity for ITP to showcase its product lines and solutions dedicated to food packaging: coextruded flexible films for laminating and thermal lamination, with different characteristics (peelable, sealable, barrier, resealable, antifog and anti-UV); film for frozen food, also in compostable versions, and vacuum skin film.

A special focus was given to ITP’s latest innovations:

  • Triflex line: bi-oriented barrier films created with a state-of-the-art production system that allows for packaging that is up to 30% thinner and lighter, with reduced carbon footprint and excellent mechanical properties, controlled shrinkage and high gloss.
  • FreezyPeel: the film for frozen foods that revolutionizes the accessibility of this category of packaging thanks to its easy opening, without the need for scissors.

The smart marketing of the future

The conference featured an analysis of the impact of generative AI in the world of advertising, enabling the creation of highly customizable content. Next, success stories were presented from companies such as Perfetti Van Melle and Henkel, which have leveraged AI to revolutionize their communication strategies, achieving surprising results in terms of brand awareness and purchase intention.

The importance of listening in purchase orientation was then emphasized, highlighting the potential of audio in the communication of brands such as Lavazza, Heineken and Algida through platforms such as Spotify.

The concept of nudging – an indirect persuasion technique that aims to influence people’s behavior, based on the idea that small suggestions or changes in the environment can guide people toward specific decision – was presented as another effective tool in communication. A common example of nudging has precisely to do with retail: it is the strategic placement of products on the shelves of a store; highlighting healthier items or promoting the purchase of environmentally friendly products can influence consumer choices.

Other speakers highlighted the crucial role of AI in redefining business models in the retail sector, putting the consumer at the center. It is precisely this focus, however, that makes the role of interaction with point-of-sale staff indispensable and indeed fortifies it: the human aspect must be geared toward providing high-quality assistance.

Finally, the results of a survey on innovation in the food sector were presented, confirming its strategic role as a growth driver and revealing an increase in investment in R&D and digital marketing by companies, especially in the bakery, dairy and frozen categories.

The awarding of the Best Food Product

The awards ceremony for the tenth edition of “Miglior Prodotto Food was held during the gala dinner: 14 new proposals launched in the large-scale retail channel in the last two years, with the participation of Pierluigi Pardo as presenter.

The awards were given to products that follow current trends, with an emphasis on organic and eco-friendly proposals, as well as products with high service content and new formats. Sustainability remains a crucial aspect, as do products linked to the territory and with geographic certifications.

Paola Centonze, ITP’s Chief Communication & Sustainability Officer, awarded Andriani Felicia the special sustainability award for Penne Teff.