Innovative Easy-Open Film for the Packaging of Frozen Products.

Our easy-open film represents a combination of convenience, safety and sustainability, offering a new perspective in food packaging.

Key features of easy-open film for frozen foods

  • Scissor-free opening. ITP reinvents the concept of easy opening, allowing users to access the contents by simply pulling the two flaps, as with potato chip packets. Without pre-cuts, zippers or complicated mechanisms, the ITP solution offers unprecedented accessibility to frozen food.
  • Sustainability and safety. FreezyPeel is a coextruded monomaterial film, consisting only of polyethylene, and therefore recyclable. ITP has always been committed to providing solutions that respect the environment while guaranteeing the highest level of performance for proper and healthy food preservation.
  • Hi-tech formulation. ITP, a market leader in flexible extruded blown film for 50 years, has developed FreezyPeel peelable for frozen food: the unique and innovative formulation provides the necessary resistance to low temperatures (-20°C) and a surface gloss that enhances printed images.

ITP researchers‘ ambition, primarily as consumers, was to create an envelope that retained all the prerogatives of traditional packaging, but with the innovation of easy opening. Specifically, in the most intuitive and natural way we are all prone to: pulling the two flaps in opposite directions near the top seal, as in potato chip packets. No pre-cut, no zipper, no mechanical interlocking closure mechanism, but an accurate modulation of the opening force of the horizontal seal for optimal accessibility to the contents.

ITP’s experience in the field of peelable films, in which it has been operating for decades, has been instrumental in fine-tuning the correct formulation of FreezyPeel. The critical issues, clearly, are mainly related to the storage temperature of the product: -20°C is a condition that embrittles the polymers, weakens the seal of the seals, and puts a strain on the vulnerability of the packaging itself.
The know-how accumulated by ITP researchers in the field of frozen food films, combined with the expertise relative to peelable films, has enabled the ITP research team to develop FreezyPeel.

FreezyPeel is finalist of the Best Packaging 2024 award from Istituto Italiano Imballaggio.

We revolutionize frozen food packaging with the easy-open peelable FreezyPeel ITP film. Recyclable single-material. Made in Italy.
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