Triflex T-Lid film

Innovative coextruded lid film based on PE, PA, EVOH intended for top lidding applications, without lamination on biaxially oriented films. In contrast to the traditional lid, consisting of two extruded films laminated with glue for a thickness of 45 µm, the one-step coextruded T-Lid has a minimum thickness of 25 µm.

Standard: two extruded films laminated with glue
12µm + 30-50µm

Triflex production technology allows for high stiffness and toughness as well as excellent transparency and gloss at the same time.
This film is fortified with an anti-fog additive.
T-Lid is produced from raw materials that comply with European Union standards for food contact.
The quality of the films is guaranteed by the considerable experience gained by Industria Termoplastica Pavese S.p.A. in the production of special packaging materials and is ISO 9001 certified.

Commonly used to seal plastic trays, it prevents food spoilage due to its oxygen barrier. Its great transparency improves pack presentation on the shelf.

It is ideal for ready meals, fresh pasta, meat, fish and seafood.

Very thin, it reduces pack weight, optimizing carbon footprint and logistics costs.

Maximum band: 900 mm
Thicknesses: 25 µm; 35 µm

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Anti Fog
Anti UV


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