ITP on the podium at BestinFlexo

date 4 December 2023

In its first participation at BestinFlexo, the award for Italian flexographic excellence, ITP achieved a remarkable result. In fact, it gained second place in the Exterior Print Broadband Film category by presenting a single work, in collaboration with Mavigrafica srl.

BestInFlexo 2023 Premio alla Stampa Flessografica Italiana

Conceived by ATIF in 2015, BestInFlexo is the only
national award for the flexographic industry.

In its first participation, ITP achieved a remarkable result. In fact, it took second place in the External Print Large Print Film category by submitting a single entry, in collaboration with Mavigrafica srl.

The award dedicated to flexo printing

An excellent positioning, also considering the numbers of the event: about 230 entries and over 500 participants at the award ceremony, which brought together the excellence of Italian printers.

The jury, made up of experts in the flexographic sector – brand owners of packaging, consultants, professors, representatives of trade associations – examined the works applying precise criteria of technical evaluation of printing quality.

ITP Premiata a BestInFlexo Film banda larga stampa esterna
Fascia Stampa Esterna

Strengths of ITP flexo printing

  • In the case of ITP, the main difficulty related to the job presented – a frozen food film for customer Orogel – is the width of the strip, which is 1300 mm, when the machine span is 1320 mm.
  • Another point in ITP’s favour is the graphics characterised by large solid backgrounds, which require high opacity and quantity of ink, as well as large areas of colour (high lights) consisting of the sum of several colours.
  • The PE used as a substrate, moreover, although of very high quality, compared to the materials presented by the other competitors, presented by its very nature greater criticalities: less uniform thickness, lower gloss, greater bandwidth. Factors that make the result obtained even more remarkable.
  • Finally, the placing is to be appreciated as we competed with an external print, which compared to the internal one has an aesthetically inferior yield as the ink tends to dampen the natural brilliance of the film.

ITP aims high

Thanks to the skill of our technicians, the various aspects that could have penalised us did not affect the quality and brilliance of the work, which won second place in its category.

Stampa Rotativa Diretta

This ‘first attempt’ was definitely satisfying, although this does not deter the guys in the press department from wanting to do even better in the next edition.

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