Monomaterial film for packaging

Recybariflex® is a top lidding PE mono film for packaging, intended to replace PET/PE and BOPP/PE laminate structures. 

It enables the production of 100% PE mono-material doypacks, pouches, bag-in-box, stand-up pouches in food, such as cheese, vegetables, meat and fish, dried legumes, delicatessen, rice, cereals, coffee, ice, and pet food packaging. 

This sustainable film creates a very effective barrier against oxygen, moisture, and aromas, that guarantees a longer shelf-life of products, thanks to the modified atmosphere created by the high gas barrier film, reducing food waste. 

Excellent printability in rotogravure, digital printing machine, and flexography. 

Recybariflex® has obtained the certificate for recyclability of the packaging by Cyclos Institute.

Main properties

  • Fully Recyclable, high barrier film, ready for food packaging
  • Printable with any printing technology. External layer protected by a special varnish
  • RecyBariflex barrier to water vapour and to oxygen
  • Cyclos Intistitute certificates its recyclability


Recy film is made of a single material, polyethylene PE, and is also a monofilm, because it does not require further working process for its final use  → Cyclos certification for recyclability 
It does not require lamination onto other supports → suitable to be processed directly on traditional packaging lines 
No glues 
High speed and productivity of the packaging machines 

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  • Doypack, pouches, stand-up pouches and top for trays
  • The monofilm can be used on Vertical, Horizontal and FlowPack packaging machines
  • The rigidity and mechanical resistance in the outer layer of the film allows it to be printed with any printing technology
  • LOW-SIT – low sealing initial temperature – in the inner layer
  • Excellent resistance to high temperatures, even when applying zip or caps for closure


Single material


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