Sustainability and Innovation: ITP Leading in the Rubber and Plastics Sector

date 2 November 2023

On 31 October, Industria Termoplastica Pavese Spa hosted the event ‘Inside the factories shaping the future’, promoted by Assolombarda and Federazione Gomma Plastica. This meeting was an important opportunity to explore the role of the rubber and plastics industries in the European, national and regional context. During the event, the challenges of the sector were discussed, with a focus on the critical issues of the PPWR proposal and the crucial role of packaging recycling.

A debate on the role of plastic packaging and PPWR

The event was attended by prominent figures, including MEP Massimiliano Salini, Marco Bergaglio (Vice President of Federazione Gomma Plastica), and Giangiacomo Pierini (President of ASSOBIBE – CONFINDUSTRIA). During the round table, a debate emerged on the criticalities of PPWR, highlighting the risk of disrupting the consolidated packaging recycling system in Italy. A constructive discussion that emphasised the need to find sustainable and intelligent solutions to the legislative challenges.

Focus on recycling

Andrea Campelli presented the activities of COREPLA, the National Consortium for the Collection, Recycling and Recovery of Plastic Packaging. Recycling emerged as the protagonist, highlighting the sector’s commitment to promoting eco-sustainable practices. The participation of schools in the event offered a unique opportunity to raise awareness among the new generations on the importance of recycling and sustainable practices.

50 years of associative life

The long-standing link between ITP and Assolombarda, dating back to 1973, was recently highlighted during President Spada’s visit. This event was an opportunity to underline ITP’s commitment to innovation and sustainability, especially considering the opening of a new plant this year, built to house a Triple Bubble extrusion line, unique in Italy, dedicated to the production of ultra-thin and recyclable films.

ITP Ricerca e Innovazione

The Assolombarda president reiterated the importance of embracing change and promoting innovation. He praised ITP for the significant investments made over the past year, aimed at developing thinner, recyclable and environmentally friendly packaging technologies. He also stressed Assolombarda’s commitment to supporting the excellence of such an innovative supply chain and the need to defend the recycling capacity developed by the Italian PPWR system.

Recent events have highlighted ITP’s leading role in the rubber and plastics industry, not only as a producer of cutting-edge polyolefin films, but also as an advocate of sustainability and innovation. The collaboration with Assolombarda and the constructive discussion on the challenges of the market contribute to outlining a path towards a sustainable and innovative future for the Italian packaging industry.