date 18 September 2019

A step forward for environmental sustainability.

ITP has closed in 2018 making an importan investment: a fully automated warehouse.
In its 22 meters high, equal to 12 floors, it can hold over 5,400 pallets, with a maximum transportable load size of 1200x1600mm and with a weight of up to 1000 Kg per pallet. Operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it has been designed to completely eliminate the risk of fires. All within the warehouse, in fact, the expected presence of oxygen is equal to 15.2% preventing the development of combustion. Furthermore, constant control of the internal temperature will guarantee the quality of the stored product.

After more than 8 months of work, in April 2019 the new automatic warehouse started to be fed. Completely automated and inserted in a continuous dialogue system with Sap, it allows today the storage, recovery, and transfer of rolls in the correct sequence. The movement is entrusted to a stacker crane with 2 shuttles that operate simultaneously within the channels. The average time to complete a mission is 55 seconds, while the crossing time of a pallet lasts about 48 seconds.

 The rationalization of the missions and the new organization of transport have made it possible to reduce unnecessary travel, to optimize both the loading times of the vehicles and the internal movements, favoring a rationalization of the spaces and reducing the number of forklifts in motion in the logistics department. The issue of transport documents is fully automated and takes place in real-time, receiving confirmation of the completion of the load directly from the WMS (warehouse magazine system) of the automated warehouse.

In these spaces and with these times, ITP has significantly reduced delivery times to the customer, also integrating the possibility of storage that previously would have been unthinkable. A step forward for the environment and in customer service.

It is possible to see the journey of one of the shuttles to complete its mission on ITP Spa’s Youtube channel.