Heat-sealed pouches for solid foods, liquids, supplements, drugs, cosmetics.

Three-side heat-sealed bags offer several advantages in terms of both aesthetic appearance and practicality of use.

The absence of longitudinal seals allows for perfect exposure of the graphics on the packages. The smooth, uniform surface provides an excellent base for printing, making them suitable for a wide range of
products such as confectionery, cheese, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, supplements and sauces.

Heat-sealed pouches can be produced on both HFFS and VFFS machines, providing high strength, making them ideal for containing solid products, powders, liquids and granulates.

Their ease of use makes them perfect for on-the-go consumption and single-serving portions, while the
hanging capability allows for eye-catching presentations at the point of sale.

Features of ITP 3-seal pouches

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Single material
Anti Fog
Anti UV

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