Paper G

Liner film for Thermal Lamination

Paper G is a Liner film for Thermal Lamination, recommended for food contact of cheeses, meat and fish, cold cuts, ready meals, frozen food, and vegetables.

The sustainable film is perfect for cardboard trays laminated with Paper G bottom film that replace common plastic trays, with at least 80% less plastic

Main Properties

  • Perfect adhesion to cardboard trays, thus with no glue
  • Tested on Mondini packaging machines
  • Easy plastic removal from cardboard, to ease recycling


Thanks to its property of being laminated to cardboard trays by a thermal lamination process, PaperG eliminates the need for the use of glues and solvents. It guarantees perfect adhesion to the underlying cardboard. 
After use, it is easy to remove the plastic film from the cardboard for optimal recycling. The tray made with PaperG can afterwards be packaged in MAP or skin technology on all standard packaging machines. 
The sealing surface is intact like with the most common plastic packagings.

Approved by Mondini packaging machines

The tray laminated with PaperG can be subsequently sealed in MAP or skin technology by standard packaging machines.

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  • Available in various versions, the liner film for thermal lamination is recommended for food contact of cheeses, fresh meats, processed meats, prepared products, frozen, chilled, salads and fruit
  • Cardboard trays laminated with Paper G bottom film, replace common plastic trays, with at least 80% less plastic
  • Zero waste during the thermal lamination process to the cardboard below




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