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Research and innovation are activities carried out within the Value Chain. We develop new products with the collaboration of our partners - Universities, Research Centers, Suppliers, Local Institutions. Always in close contact with customers to meet the needs of the market. The goal is to identify products that impact less and less on the environment and that are part of the Life Cycle Assessment, to which we work constantly.

Our R&D department is housed in an 800 m2 laboratory. 

We use a pilot blown extrusion line to study new materials and the development of new formulations.

In recent years, we invested 6 million Euros in research dedicated to the evolution of food packaging.  We continuously support applied research with a team of four researchers.

The result is the deposit, from 2010 to today, of nine patents.

The main product research areas concern:

  • renewable raw materials;
  • compostable and biodegradable raw materials;
  • the reduction of film thickness intended for packaging;
  • foodstuff protection to increase its shelf-life.

We use raw materials that allow recycling. This makes it possible the reuse of the plastic  films at the end of their life.

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