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This category includes films for multiple secondary packaging:

  • industrial
  • heat-shrink
  • non-shrink

ITP has worked hard to reduce the thickness of its collation films. A tangible contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Ultraterm - Films for secondary packaging

It is a range including mono and bi-oriented heat-shrink films for use in the most varied industrial bundling and packaging processes:

  • from mineral waters and soft drinks to oil mills
  • from the canning industry to rice producers
  • from paper products to home furnishings

Our Ultraterm films have excellent optical and shrinking properties. Their structural rigidity and mechanical strength are such as to minimise the risk of breakage in transport and handling phases, ensuring the safety of workers.
Flexographic printing in up to 10 colours enhances the visibility and identification of brands at the point of sale.



This is a Ultraterm variant. These films allow entire pallets and multiple bundles to be performed without the risk of sticking to the packaging of underlying products. 


Films for packaging of handkerchiefs and toilet paper

They complement the Collation category. Exceptionally thin, highly transparent and brilliant, these can be flexographically printed. 


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