Triflex T-ShrinkBag

Triflex T-ShrinkBag shrink bags are made of high-barrier coextruded bi-oriented films with excellent mechanical properties, high shrinkage and relevant optical properties.
The special Triple Bubble technology used to produce these films enables similar mechanical properties in TD and MD.

The shrink bags are available in different sizes with cross or round sealing.
T-ShrinkBag is manufactured from raw materials that meet European Union standards for food contact.

The quality of the films is guaranteed by the considerable experience gained by Industria Termoplastica Pavese S.p.A. in the production of special packaging materials and is ISO 9001 certified.

Available in tubular form, open reels or pre-cut pouches tailored to the product.

Ideal for meat, fish, cheese, poultry, cured meat.

Very thin, it reduces package weight, optimizing carbon footprint and logistics costs.

TS  twin seal format

  • Base: 80-350mm
  • Length: 200-500mm (with steps of 50mm)
Triflex Shrink bag in twin seal format

RS  round seal format

  • Base: 200-500mm (with steps of 50mm)
  • Length: 200-1200mm
Triflex Shrink bag in round seal format

The bags can be taped for easy handling by the operator.

Maximum band: 500 mm
Thicknesses: 45 µm; 60 µm; 75 µm; 90 µm; 120 µm

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