date 3 May 2024

ITP manufactures pouches and bags in laminated or mono PE film

With a background of more than fifty years in polyethylene film extrusion and in lamination for food and pet food packaging, cosmetic and home care packaging, we have the extensive experience and expertise to meet any request related to the production of pouches and bags.

Wide and flexible offering

ITP provides a wide selection of bags and pouches, available in various types and sizes to suit different customer needs, including small quantities or quick turnaround times. In our printing departments, we can customize films with flexographic and digital technology.

Sustainability and safety

Flexible packaging, being lightweight and space-saving, is ideal for reducing plastic consumption and CO2 emissions. ITP has always been committed to providing sustainable solutions, ensuring the highest level of performance for proper and healthy storage.

Verticalized producion

ITP, leader in the flexible packaging industry since 50 years, develops innovative solutions to ensure the highest quality, from film production through the lamination process to printing and pouch forming, with total process control.

Digital printing

Packaging plays a crucial role in product-related communication and emotion, with its shape, materials, finish and graphics making it memorable. Increasing attention to packaging sustainability rewards flexible film pouches, which fit the contents and have less environmental impact.

ITP’s digital printing service, using HP Indigo technology, is ideal for this type of packaging, offering flexibility and sustainable production quickly, meeting the needs of established as well as emerging brands.

ITP Pouches and Bags

stand up pouches ITP per alimenti, spezie, cosmetici, detergenti, pet food

Stand-up ITP pouches for food, spices, cosmetics, detergents, pet food.

ITP’s stand-up pouches are the perfect solution for stylish, practical and secure packaging. Discover customization options to enhance your products.

ITP gusseted bags for coffee, solid foods, food liquids and powders, and cosmetics.

The high-capacity, space-saving bags that preserve the flavors of your products due to their high barrier.

ITP heat-sealed envelopes for solid foods, liquids, supplements, drugs, cosmetics.

Heat-sealed envelopes equipped with large printing area and extremely versatile; they are ideal for foods, cosmetics, supplements in liquid, solid or powder form.

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